The experience developed directly with designers and planner operators during these years allowed us to be considered as reference Company for furniture design and production for school and collective use areas.

From nursery to kindergarten, from primary school to ludotheque, from school to public library, operating offices and executive offices, both public or private structure can turn to us with awareness.

Our production department is equipped with well-advances machines, as well as “work centres” to satisfy every need even as regards details on measure.

Our technical-commercial department is at your disposal both in the headquarter and national wide with agencies where you can find skilled professionals able to follow you step by step starting from the preliminary project.

Without costs we are at disposal for inspection, quotation, grafical lay-outs. For the after sale we are organized (in head office and outside as well), with skilled teams for delivery and settling.

We have a spare parts store available in case of breaking owing to manufacturing defect, or inappropriate use.