For more than a century “ARREDI 3N” has been working wood with the same passion and craft care, quality research and experience handed on from generation to generation. These are our Company foundations; more than 100 years activity and love for our job.

A long history began in 1890, with the first joiner’s shop. At the time being ARREDI 3N can boast a production capacity set in 10000 sq mt surface.

The Company thanks to its capacity and experience can be considered as Leader in design and production of furnishing for private and public communities.

Our company power is the capacity to ensure our own production for both mass and special size furniture, thanks to our design and production ability.

Since 1937, when the Company “Nespoli Ettore e Fratelli” was founded, until 1973 when the actual Company.was founded, our path is growing and innovating more and more