Cultural centers, libraries, reading and conference rooms

It is the Company sector in charge of furnish cultural common spaces.

Our furniture line for libraries is the synergy result between all involved operators (librarians, architects, sociologists, teachers, writers, readers, psychologists, educators…).

By proposed furniture we want to help public libraries as far as renovation is concerned, i.e. rooms and files organization, and reading offers as well.

The furniture line was designed to suite the mission of the public libraries, which refers to the model “3 levels library”, i.e.: close to the store and open shelf area, a friendly space” is foreseen.

We want to grant an accurate assistance to the products supplying the operators spare/additional parts.

Our experience teaches us not to consider the suggested solutions as definitive, but as starting point – as per new technologies – to enrich accessories and elements able to facilitate he librarians job, and the libraries functionality too.