In the last years school changed into a different way of teaching; the renewed education contests must be supported by new modular and flexible instruments: FLEX@, designed and produced by Arredi3N, is the new school furnishing line. This line target is to match with modularity, flexibility and possibility to combine.

Front didactic is going to be replaced by a common, shared and modern didactic, activity made by small or large group, teachers moving together with students inside and outside the classroom.

Classroom must become a place for lab experiences, and educational processes that involve a new consideration of spaces outside and around the classroom itself like, for example: an aisle, a corridor, can become a space of experience and training

MIUR rules renew methods for areas and equipment design in the new millennium school.

Internal structures and architectures have a space conception, different from the previous one based on lecture, front didactic

Renewed indications suggest modular and shaping spaces, suitable to satisfy modern teaching and learning methods that will involve a change in the school building constructions too.

The construction of new schools must be able to satisfy new concept and architectural needs, as well as new spaces organisation

If the teaching methods will change, exceeding the usual frontal teaching way, even the manufacturing of building , as well as the inside spaces, will have to change.

Arredi3N is at full disposal of all the people involved in this change, architects , designers and teachers too