Together with “special projects” section, host area is a part of our activity that lays itself to project “customization”.

Host area is a place where people are welcome for a short, medium or long period, a place where people meet for a large number of reasons, therefore it must be carefully customized from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

“host” subject is addressed to public and private sector as well, and our designers team together with production unit is able to satisfy and fulfil each special request.

Let’s think how different the host requests con be among a seminary, a University or a children’s hospital: it is not possible to furnish them with one standard system.

Each one of this area must be carefully studied to be designed and manufactured

Arredi 3N is the best partner for each project development, thanks to its staff , high technology production machines and research of raw materials, besides design quality , “made in Italy” typical feature.